Break Fix

How frustrating is broken tech?

Need to upgrade?
Is it broken?
Not sure which one to choose?
Need to know what action to take?
Is an error appearing on screen that you don't know how to respond to?
Lets chat and we can work out a plan of action together.


Fix broken or troublesome tech!

Sometimes it's just slow, sometimes it's broken or sometimes it's not quite behaving the way you would expect it to behave. In fact sometimes it's just a downright nightmare.

Let's help you to get it up and running in top shape.
Whether it's an old computer or a new iPhone, we can advise you how to get the most life out of it as well as how to make it do what you need it to do.

What does the break/fix service include?

Book in a time to chat below and we will discuss the tech (hardware or software), the errors that you are getting as well as what you would like to achieve.  Once we've had a chat, we can find the most effective way for you to get you productive and get your tech up and running again.
Discussion and quote to resolve single issues that you've got?

Business Benefits

No more lemons

Simple jargon free solutions

Agreed cost & no surprises

Make a confident decision 
whether to upgrade

Need support or want to know if it's fixable?

Got more than one tech nightmare?

Support is cheaper and your dollar goes further if you subscribe to one of our monthly retainer packages.

You get: 
✅    Regular hours of support per month

✅    Monitored IT (where we resolve errors for you automatically)

✅    Automatic software updates (for agreed apps)