Tech Health Check

While you're building your big idea,
who is keeping an eye on your tech?

Are you being the most productive that you can be? 
Can you save time/money by making changes?
Are you overwhelmed by the cloud and the variety of options?

Tech Health Check

You rely on a mechanic to service your car and a plumber to fix your gas and water issues, how about having someone on your side to look at your tech and advise you of what you need to know.

If IT isn't your area of expertise then how do you know if you've got any weaknesses? How do you know what needs improvement?  Are you just hoping that it all fits together and works?

Don't wait for a problem to strike, keep a finger on the pulse to remain streamlined. Get only the information that you need to know and is relevant to your business.

What does a Tech Health Check include?

Discussion around how you use your IT, what you want to achieve with your tech and a review of your IT environment.
You will get a report with insights into strengths, weaknesses and opportunities around your IT operations. Potential cost savings and recommendations for improvements you can make with yours and your teams use of their tech. 

Review areas
You will never have a one size fits all. Before starting we will chat with you to understand your unique requirements. Typical areas of review include:

🔘 What technologies are you using?
🔘 Is there a more productive way to do it?
🔘 Is your data in the cloud?
🔘 Is it secured?
🔘 Are you applications talking to each other?
🔘 Cost Rationalisation
🔘 Document Management
🔘 Team Collaboration
🔘 Data Integrity
🔘 Data access (does anyone unexpected have access?)
🔘 IT Security and Risk Management
🔘 User Experience & Management
🔘 IT Infrastructure and Network usage
🔘 IT Security and Risk Management     

Business Benefits

Independent advice

Get the latest updates

Save money

Better team collaboration

Improved processes

ROI through improved systems

Advice on what fits best for your business

Eliminate tech nightmares

Best practices

Are you covered in all of these areas?