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Are you sick of missing appointments?

Are you sick of missing appointments? post image
Nothing like the old calendar on the wall.  If you wrote something on the calendar, you’d know that it would still be there when you came back the next day.  Problem is that if you wrote it on the calendar at home, what do you do when you are away from home, and making an arrangement.  How do you know if you’re busy?

Enter the smartphone and tablet.  You enter the appointment into an electronic calendar on your smartphone wherever you are.  Done. But what if you pickup your tablet device and the appointment isn’t there?  Do you risk double booking?

What if the answer was so simple that a 5 year old could do it?

You’re in luck.  It is that simple.
If you have an iPhone or an iPad (or both) and your appointments are not appearing on syncing onto all of your devices you can fix it yourself in 5 simple steps below.
  1. Open the calendar application on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Tap on the word Calendars on the bottom of the screen

SML-calendar-sync-001 copy
3. Tap in the grey space and drag towards the bottom of the screen until you see the wheel appear.

SML-calendar-sync-002 copy

4. Once you see the wheel appear, let go.

5. Tap done

SML-calendar-sync-003 copy


















Your appointments will now sync with the cloud and both devices will show the same appointments for the same account (e.g. iCloud)

Did this tip help you?  Are your appointments the same on all devices?  Leave a comment below.

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