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Here’s a quick way to add photos to your iPhone

How would you like to learn about a really simple and easy way to copy your favourite photos onto your iPhone or iPad?

You can share that great picture on instagram or show off those family photos when you’re out and about.

You see, I love to see photos of other people’s kids but it pains me to see when they have to press two dozen buttons just to show off that cute photo.

I knew that it wasn’t hard to put the photos into the phone.  That’s what drove me to create this video.

When you watch the video you will see how quickly you can do it.  It’s even got a break for you to pause the video and do it at the same time.

What photos or videos would you like to be able to carry around with you anywhere you go?  Share your comments below.

If you know someone who is still showing you paper photos even though they carry around an expensive smartphone then please share this video with them.

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